• Tori Spelling spills on her divorce
  • Things got very ugly
  • A potato was involved

This one comes all complete with Instagram announcements and a smashed baked potato. What do we mean? Well, discover how this celebrity couple's breakup unfolded in the public eye, offering a mix of relief, controversy, and a family in turmoil. It's never easy to divorce publicly like this.

Tori's story is probably unique

It was just another day in the Spelling-McDermott household until a loaded baked potato hit the floor, marking the beginning of the end for Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott's 18-year marriage. The 'MisSPELLING' podcast's latest episode dropped bombshells about the couple's tumultuous split, with Spelling recounting the June 2023 argument that pushed them to the brink.

And, of course, it didn't end there.

The fight escalated quickly, leading McDermott to announce their separation on Instagram, a move that caught Spelling by surprise but also lifted a weight off her shoulders. "I felt like this giant rock had been lifted off my chest," Spelling revealed. However, their daughter Stella's reaction brought a new wave of emotions, highlighting the public and personal complexities of their breakup.

While Spelling experienced a fleeting moment of freedom, the reality of their situation soon set in. The couple's children were thrust into the limelight, struggling with the public nature of their parents' split. Amidst the chaos, McDermott's Instagram post was deleted, but the damage was done, and the story had already hit the headlines.

Now it's time for healing, after all is said and done.

Despite the initial drama, an official divorce filing came weeks later, citing irreconcilable differences and marking a new chapter for both Spelling and McDermott. The family moved out of their mold-infested home, with McDermott checking into rehab shortly after. Spelling remains hopeful for McDermott's recovery, emphasizing the importance of stability for their children.

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This rollercoaster of emotions, public announcements, and the quest for a fresh start has captivated fans and onlookers alike. As Spelling and McDermott navigate their new paths, the world watches, hoping for the best for both parties and their children.