• Tori Spelling is opening up on her podcast
  • She has talked about her painful divorce
  • Tori is echoing the struggles of many

The actress shares the struggles that led to the end of their 18-year marriage, including McDermott's anger issues and the couple's changing relationship after having children. Dive into the personal journey of Tori Spelling as she navigates through heartache and healing.

Tinseltown Tumult: Tori Spelling's Tearful Tell-All!

Tori Spelling, the darling of '90s TV, has dropped a bombshell in her latest podcast episode, leaving fans and followers reeling! The mother of five didn't hold back as she poured her heart out, revealing the deep-seated issues that led to her filing for divorce from hubby Dean McDermott. It's a tale of lost love and lonely hearts, folks!

Once upon a time, Tori and Dean's scandalous start (they both cheated on their former spouses, yikes!) seemed like a fast-track to forever. But the honeymoon haze vanished quicker than a Hollywood scandal, with Tori admitting their romance hit the rocks just four months in.

"Fast and furious," she called it, but even a passion that intense couldn't outlast the red flags.

The plot thickened as the couple welcomed kiddos into the mix. Tori confessed that their bond buckled under the pressure of parenthood and her career reboot.

"I was the parent," she said, hinting that Dean played second fiddle in the family symphony. And let's not forget the "anger issues" and alcohol-fueled outbursts she claimed Dean had – talk about drama!

It all came crashing down one fateful night, after a photoshoot with '90210' co-star Jennie Garth. A compliment turned combustible, and a fight flared up that would be their last as a married couple.

Tori didn't spill all the tea, but it's clear that words were weapons in their final showdown.

Fast forward to the legalities, and Tori's gunning for sole physical custody of their brood, with Dean getting a TBD visitation schedule. It's a Hollywood split that's as messy as it is melancholic.

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Despite the split, Dean's found a new flame, and Tori's been caught canoodling with a CEO. But even with new loves lighting up their lives, it seems there's still a flicker of mutual respect between the exes.

Dean even dished to 'Page Six' that Tori's his "biggest fan" – talk about amicable!