• Emily Ratajkowski has been through a divorce
  • She celebrates the divorce with a post on Instagram
  • And she is completely naked

Emily Ratajkowski (32) married producer Sebastian Bear-McClard (36) in February 2018. Three years later, the couple had their first child and announced their separation in the same year. The divorce followed a year later. Ratajkowski is now showing how happy she is about the divorce once again on Instagram. This post has it all...

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Emily Ratajkowski: Divorce can be this hot

On Instagram, the actress likes to show herself undressed and tease her fans. It is not unusual to see a lot of skin. To show off her newest jewelry, Ratajkowski once again opts for revealing. These snapshots are incredibly provocative.

In a new photo series, she proudly holds her "Divorce rings" as she herself writes, toward the camera. The model is lying relaxed in bed and has taken a few pictures of herself and the rings. However, the focus is probably not on the diamond rings. Ratajkowski is not wearing a bra and allows a glimpse of her bust. 

Some fans are confused by the campaign: "What is a divorce ring and why are you posting naked about it?". Others celebrate the 32-year-old for this post. "That's just... ICONIC", "Great rings" or "Queen" are some of the comments. Emily Ratajkowski seems to be really enjoying the single life.

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