• Georgina Rodriguez gets emotional
  • She talks about her son's death
  • This is how she deals with loss

In the new season of I Am Georgina Georgina Rodriguez (29) talks about the tragic stillbirth of her son and can't hold back the tears.

Georgina Rodriguez on the death of her son

In April last year, the girlfriend of soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo (38) should have given birth to twins. Little Bella Esmeralda was born healthy, but her brother Ángel sadly did not survive the birth.

In a trailer for the second season of her Netflix series I Am Georgina, Georgina speaks more openly about the tragic loss: "Over 40 million people follow me, but no one knows how I really feel. This year I experienced the best and the worst moment of my life at the same time."

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In addition to Bella, Georgina and Cristiano have five-year-old daughter Alana. Cristiano Ronaldo is also the father of twins Eva (5) and Mateo (5) and 12-year-old Cristiano Jr.

In the trailer for her reality show, Georgina shows her fighting spirit and says about her family:“Life is hard, life goes on. I have a reason to keep going and be strong."

One who has always been by her side during this difficult time is her boyfriend Cristiano Ronaldo. "Cris has been very encouraging to me to continue to fulfill all my commitments. He said: 'Carry on with your life, it will do you good'," says Georgina Rodriguez.

"At the moment my priority is my family and my children. I'm really happy and very grateful," she also notes.