• Landon Barker makes a brave confession
  • He unveils he has Tourette syndrome
  • It is "very minor"

In a heart-to-heart with his fans, Landon Barker took to the digital stage with a raw and revealing TikTok confession. "Hi guys!" he greeted, his voice a mix of vulnerability and courage. "I figured I'd speak on this eventually. But yeah, I actually do have very, very minor Tourette's."

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Landon's journey with Tourette syndrome, a neurological curveball that pitches unintended sounds and movements into the mix, began in the most innocent of settings – preschool. "I remember exactly 'cause a teacher used to accuse me of rolling my eyes at her," he recounted, recalling the early signs of his tics. Now, the young star navigates his condition with a blend of head jerks and jaw movements – his body's own unique rhythm in a nerve-racking world.

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Facing the music: nerves and new beginnings

The spotlight isn't always kind, especially when nerves come into play. Landon admits, "Yeah, it really just acts up in nervous situations and nerve-racking environments for me." But in true Barker fashion, he's not one to shy away from a challenge. "But I thought I'd just share because why not?" he declared, his statement a rallying cry for openness and acceptance.