After videos surfaced of concert goers being crushed by others who were stampeding toward the front of the stage, many were quick to point out that Travis Scott himself might to be blame for the rhetoric he used on stage to hype up his fans to "start raging", and for not stopping the show when fans signaled to him what was going on. Scott has been sued in the past for inciting violence at his concerts, and has even been arrested under the same charges.

Following his Astroworld performance this week, the rapper has been named in multiple lawsuits following the festival, after the crowd surged while he was on stage and killed at least eight people, injuring hundreds more, including children as young as nine years old in the audience.


Travis Scott Attended After Party Despite Massacre

Scott allegedly was unaware of the situation while he was on stage, despite videos showing him acknowledging fans who were asking him to stop, and it's now been reported that he even attended an after-party hosted at Dave & Buster's by rapper Drake, who also made a surprise appearance at Astroworld earlier in the evening.

Sources close to TMZ say that Scott and Drake were unaware of the severity of events when they met later, but once they were informed of what had happened they supposedly left the party immediately.

Whether or not that is the case, many online have already called for Scott to be completely cancelled after the damning videos from inside the crowd suggest that he could have done a lot more to prevent this tragedy from escalating, and his video apology after the show only managed to convince a few.

His wife, Kylie Jenner was quick to defend him on social media, but perhaps this was one bridge too far for even his most loyal fans!

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