• Dua Lipa is an award-winning pop singer
  • She's based out of the UK, but is originally from Bosnia
  • A Reggae group is claiming Warner Bros. ripped off their sound 

A problem for Dua Lipa as a reggae band is suing the pop star for ripping off their song. Under the suit, Warner Bros. was put on blast for the very obvious similarities. 

"Levitating" is too similar to "Live Your Life"

The reggae group Artikal Sound System is not too happy over the success of Dua Lipa and her song "Levitating", which they say is way too similar to be a coincidence.

Dua Lipa walks the runway at the Versace fashion show during the Milan Fashion Week - Spring / Summer 2022.

In court documents obtained by People, the reggae group is suing Warner Bros. as well as Dua Lipa for copywriter infringement. 

The band, which has been playing together since 2010, wrote the song "Live Your Life" in 2017, which had reached to the no. 2 spot on the Billboard 100 reggae list.

Also Interesting: 

In the lawsuit, the band claimed that Lipa and Warner Bros. "listened to and copied 'Live Your Life' before and during the time when they were writing 'Levitating.'"

They called the two songs "substantially similar" noting that, "given the degree of similarity, it is highly unlikely that 'Levitating' was created independently from 'Live Your Life.'"

"Levitating" was released in 2020, and earned Lipa huge praise and awards for the song.