• This year, singer Rihanna announced her pregnancy
  • She loves to show off her baby bump with revealing looks
  • She only shows up in lingerie and boots at Paris Fashion Week

In 2022, singer Rihanna (34) surprised us with wonderful news: The Popstar is pregnant! Rihanna and rapper A$AP Rocky (33) are expecting their first child together. Since the news broke, the singer has been showing off super revealing and sexy looks that emphasize her growing baby bump. No one does it quite like Rihanna.

Rihanna is so sexy at Paris Fashion Week

Rihanna proves this yet again with a rather daring outfit during a visit to Paris Fashion Week. Dressed only in lingerie and with sexy leather boots, the singer shows off a new look! A see-through lace dress reveals her baby bump and everything else underneath.

Rihanna has always been known for extravagant outfits. As a pregnant woman, the gorgeous singer seems to be particularly proud of her body and wants to focus attention on her baby bump as much as possible. She definitely succeeds!

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Her stunning make-up with red lipstick and accent eyes makes her recent pregnancy look perfect. It's great that the Barbados-born singer is apparently enjoying her pregnancy so much. Judging by the size of her belly, it won't be long before their baby is born!