• MoneySign Suede is dead
  • The fans are stunned
  • He died in prison

Rapper MoneySign Suede has died aged 22. His family confirmed this.

MoneySign Suede: Mysterious death in prison

In Mexico, MoneySign Suede is very well known. The young rapper had a great career ahead of him, but his criminal record stood in his way. Again and again he was sentenced to prison. One of the many charges was a stabbing. 

Shortly before he was scheduled to be released, he 22-year-old was found dead. The cause of death is not yet known. The young rapper's passing was announced Wednesday night. 

Also interesting:

"We are grateful for the expressions of condolence. Our family has not set up a fundraiser, don't fall for any scams. Thanks!" his family addressed the rapper's fan base. 

"I want a child before I go," MoneySign Suede wrote under one of his Instagram posts. This wish was unfortunately not granted to the up-and-coming rapper.