• Tina Turner had a violent marriage
  • Her relationship with Ike made her deeply unhappy
  • THIS is what she endured from her ex-husband

In 1956 he was the guitarist for the band Kings of Rhythm, where Tina Turner was a backup singer. But Anna Mae, which was Tina's real name, had much more potential. Ike recognized this immediately and promoted her. He was also the one who gave Anna Mae her stage name. They formed their own band together called Ike & Tina Turner.

Ike & Tina were the definition of a toxic love

What started as a friendship grew into a relationship, but at the time Ike wasn't single. He cheated on his then-girlfriend Lorraine Taylor with Tina. In 1960, Ike and Tina became parents to their son Ronnie († 62). The couple married in 1962 and spent the wedding night in a whore house.

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The two then took the music world by storm. A tour followed and in 1971 a Grammy Award. But their happiness did not last. Ike became addicted to drugs, regularly cheated on the singer, and became violent...

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