• Shakira wasn't just betrayed by Gerard Piqué
  • Her in-laws also abused her trust
  • The singer draws THIS conclusion

The separation between Shakira (45) and Gerard Piqué (35) is getting worse and worse. 

After breaking up with Gerard Piqué, Shakira brings her children into the conflict

Gerard Pique, who recently showed off his new love publicly on Instagram, is said to have deceived and cheated on Shakira. The singer is quite angry – but not just at him. Shakira's mother-in-law is also said to have known about the fraud and said nothing.

That has consequences. After her revenge song about Piqué Shakira is now dragging their children Sasha (8) and Milan (10) into the War of the Exes. She is said to have forbidden her children to call Piqué's parents grandma and grandpa. As a Spanish magazine reports, this reportedly makes Shakira very sad.

Also interesting:

Actually, she always had a good relationship with her mother-in-law, but that seems to be in the past now. To learn more, watch the video above.