• Shakira and Gerard Pique broke up in 2022
  • Reports have been saying he cheated on her
  • Allegedly, Shakira found out in this way...

All eyes are on Shakira and Gerard Pique lately. The once popular couple broke up recently and began a very public feud! 

The two had been together for 11 years and share two children together. But after they split in 2022, a rumour spread that Gerard's cheating caused the break-up. 

He has also since gone public with a new girlfriend, Clara Chia Marti. Now, it's been revealed how Shakira allegedly uncovered her partner's infidelity.

Shakira caught Gerard Pique cheating... in the fridge?

Apparently, of all things, it had to do with a jar of jam! According to ShowNews Today, Shakira had been away from home and noticed something unusual when she returned.

Someone had been eating from the jam that ONLY she likes. She knew Gerard never touches the stuff, which made her suspicious that "someone else was at home while she was away," writes ShowNews Today. Yikes!

Also interesting:

Seemingly, this small detail led Shakira to piece it all together. Fans believe they found a reference to the moment in one of her music videos, too. 

In "Te Felicito," Shakira is seen opening a fridge and finding a severed head within it. A metaphor, perhaps? 

As well, she later released a viral diss track with DJ Bizarrap, which also prompted a response from Pique

But officially the singer and footballer never gave a reason for their separation.

In a June 2022 statement, they said only "we regret to confirm that we are separating," and asked for privacy out of respect for the children...

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