• Prince Harry's new memoir Spare came out this month
  • He mentions certain royals hundreds of times in the book
  • This is who he mentioned most from the Royal Family

Prince Harry tells all about himself and his family members in his controversial memoir Spare.

However, SHE is written about most often, even though her story only appears in one third of the book: Duchess Meghan.

Prince Harry wrote Meghan's name over 400 times in Spare

Prince Harry's wife appears only in the last part, but is mentioned a whole 435 times. This shows how important the former actress is to the Prince.

In second place, it is Prince William who takes up a lot of space in the autobiography. His name is mentioned 358 times.

Also interesting:

Harry's brother, however, does not come off so well in the book, which reveals many details about their relationship. Much of it is far from positive.

Mentioned third most often is Harry's beloved late mother Princess Diana. She is followed by King Charles and Queen Elizabeth, and then Princess Kate and Queen Camilla, with 105 and 62 mentions respectively.

However, one thing is surprising: Probably the most important lady in Harry's world, besides his wife, is his daughter Lilibet – who is mentioned only three times...

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