• Russia's sudden invasion of Ukraine has sent the world into a tailspin
  • Global condemnation for Russian aggression has affected many industries worldwide
  • The Champions League final will be moved out of Russia as a countermeasure to Russian aggression

Besides the catastrophic loss of human life, the suffering, and the economic downturns that come with war, many other aspects of life are also affected in a way that for many is unprecedented. The world of sports is no different. And it just so happened that the biggest match on the biggest stage of the biggest sport in the world was set to be celebrated later on this summer in the Russian city of St. Petersburg... 

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The European Continent Has Banned Together Against Russian Aggression

Just hours after Moscow's first incursion into Ukrainian territory, Europe's leading soccer body UEFA, immediately changed the venue for this year's Champions League final from St. Petersburg to Paris, in an effort to further hurt the Russian economy through any kind of sanction possible.

This comes after the Western response to Russia's attack has been to target the Russian economic centers in an effort to hurt their war efforts and bring about peace by force. And the Champions League final would have meant millions of Euros pouring in to the Russian financial machine, as well as all the positive media attention that would come from hosting the biggest match of every season!

Many see the final will now being played in the city of Paris as a further statement to the West's position on this massive international conflict. The question of what happens to players who currently make their living playing in Russia or Ukraine, who have nothing to do with this conflict, remains to be seen.

The World Stares In Horror As Another Global Conflict Ensues

Many African and South American players have found themselves stranded by this conflict themselves. And although they are by no means the main victims, this is just another tentacle of the horrible Leviathan that is war!

Russian officials, however, don't quite understand the sudden change of plans, stating that: "St Petersburg could have provided all favourable conditions to hold this festival of soccer."

Many football clubs like Manchester United have taken the decision to drop their commercial partnerships with Russian businesses following the invasion of Ukraine. And so, the story will go on and on...

With no end in sight for the near future, it looks like there will now be a sudden new normal for the people of Europe, and for the European game!