And just when it seems like things are cooling down, a new allegation always comes out of the woodwork. This week, speculation surrounding workplace harassment and inappropriate behavior has hit the set of The Goldbergs. The popular family sitcom is now seeing its lead actor, Jeff Garlin, wrapped in a web of allegations that has led him to leave the show for good!

The 59-year-old actor has exited the series following an internal HR investigation. The news comes just a few weeks after he was accused of harassment and unprofessional behavior on set. This has led producers to make some tough choices.

Was Jeff Garlin Fired From 'The Goldbergs'?

Was Jeff Garlin Fired From The Goldbergs?

Some have alleged that Garlin helped to contribute to a demeaning work culture and made a habit of having verbal and physical interactions with the cast and crew that made people feel uncomfortable around him.

One source told Vanity Fair magazine that Garlin had gotten “away with it because he would call himself out for it—saying he was a big teddy bear, saying things like, ‘Oh you know me, just a big bowl of mush, I’m a hugger. I just love you.’”

The actor has defended himself in the past against similar accusations from colleagues. Garlin once addressed an allegation of a incident between him and a stand-in actor, “that was both physical and verbal.”

Garlin denied that anything physical occurred outright. But if these stories have proven anything in recent times it's that where there is smoke, there is usually a fire. So far, his departure from the show has been amicable...but let's wait and see if any more allegations are leveled his way. 

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