During The Wendy Williams Show, the gossip queen appeared "out of it" sparking concern of a possible relapse. The host has a history of alcohol and drug addiction and has been seen behaving erratically on the show before, now even her former DJ is letting the truth be known.

Wendy Williams Odd On Air Behavior

Strong female show lead and recent divorcee Wendy Williams has fans worried about her after she was seen acting strangely during her show. The host of The Wendy Williams Show has had a history of addiction issues and took a hiatus from filming after she checked herself into a sober living home last year. 

Wendy Williams visits the Empire State Building in 2017.

Now she is back but worrying fans after she was seen slurring her words and seemingly losing focus and trailing off. During the episode Wendy misspoke frequently, calling "Rolling in the Deep" singer Adele, "Hodele" and saying "mealous" instead of "jealous". She seemed to struggle to get through her "Hot Topics" segment and needed to be led in the right direction verbally by her staff.

A YouTube viewer commented, "Wendy sounds like she is slurring her words, something is wrong." Someone else also commented, "I'm in shock that they would allow this to air," and "This is so sad to watch."

Wendy Williams and DJ Boof on October 22, 2019.

Her show's former DJ, DJ Boof responded to fans' concerns and questions on Instagram. When a commenter on her Instagram said, "She don't listen to them... probably why DJ Bouf left the show.."DJ Boof personally responded saying, "Yup exactly and it will all come out... Y'all have no idea what's really going on and everyone there is afraid to speak up because they don't wanna lose their jobs... This is going to play out bad... I feel sorry for the workers and victims. Have a blessed day."

The star also suffers from Graves' Disease that has prevented her from working before so some fans were speculating that the odd behavior was attributed to the immune disorder. 

Fans are wishing nothing but the best for Wendy.