• 'Cowboy Carter' is in stores
  • It is missing tracks
  • THIS is the scoop

According to fans who pre-ordered Beyoncé's newest album on vinyl, five songs are missing. These missing tracks are reportedly "Spaghetti, Flamenco, The Linda Martell Show, Ya Ya and Oh Louisiana," BBC reports. Some fans have even reported that CD copies are missing four songs.

Bey messed up

"What is up with that?! How could she sell an incomplete album?," a fan said on Reddit. "We need at least a discount refund, or be able to refund altogether since the CDs and vinyls delivered are not what was listed."

Also interesting:

Beyoncé previously said that 'Cowboy Carter' took "over five years" to create, which may explain why some vinyl and CDs are missing tracks, BBC reports...

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