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The Big Bang Theory's "Zack" is played by American actor and comedian Brian Thomas Smith. Before starring on The Big Bang Theory, Brian would get his start in smaller roles on series including Two and a Half Men

You may also recognize Brian and his brother Greg from The Amazing Race 7, who unfortunately were eliminated in the sixth episode. 

The Big Bang Theory: "Zack"

Brian Thomas Smith attends the series finale party for The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory "Zack" has been the biggest role of Brian Thomas Smith's career and while his character lacked common sense, he was well-loved. 

"Zack", the ex-boyfriend of "Penny", would appear off and on again in a total of 11 episodes over the course of nine seasons of The Big Bang Theory

Brian Thomas Smith Now

Recently, you will find Brian Thomas Smith on series and in films including:

  • Happy Endings (2012)
  • Suit Up (2012)
  • Danny Collins (2015)
  • The Neighborhood (2019)
  • 9-1-1: Lone Star (2020)
  • Babysplitters (2020)

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