• THESE are Rosemary Clooney's career highlights
  • She was an American singer and actress
  • She starred in 'White Christmas'

The world of celebrity glitz and glamour is never short of a sensational story, and today we're diving into the life of the legendary Rosemary Clooney (born May 23, 1928 - died June 29, 2002), the American singer whose voice was as rich as the stories of her life!

From Cincinnati's airwaves to solo stardom in the Big Apple

It all started in the humble radio studios of Cincinnati, Ohio, where young Rosemary and her sister Betty, known as the Clooney Sisters, serenaded the airwaves with their captivating duets. Their talent was undeniable, and soon the saxophone maestro Tony Pastor scooped them up for a whirlwind tour that would set the stage for Rosemary's solo stardom.

Fast forward to 1949, and Rosemary's move to the Big Apple marked the beginning of an era. With Columbia Records, she turned the music world on its head with her chart-busting hit "Come On-a My House" in 1951. But that was just the beginning! A parade of novelty hits like "This Ole House" and "Mambo Italiano" had fans dancing, while love songs like "Tenderly" melted hearts worldwide.

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Her voice and charm didn't just resonate through speakers; they catapulted her onto the cover of 'Time' magazine in 1953, the same year she married the dashing actor José Ferrer. Despite a tumultuous marriage that saw them marry, divorce, and remarry, Rosemary's star never dimmed.

The Hollywood harmony and resilience of a musical icon

Even Hollywood couldn't resist her allure, casting her in the timeless classic 'White Christmas' alongside Bing Crosby. And let's not forget her stint as the host of 'The Rosemary Clooney Show' – she was a natural!

But life wasn't always a song for Rosemary. The rise of rock music and personal tragedies, including the assassination of her friend Robert F. Kennedy and a battle with addiction, led to a heartbreaking breakdown. Yet, like the true star she was, Rosemary rose from the ashes, her voice resonating with the pain and beauty of her experiences.

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Her later years were a testament to her talent, with jazz albums that critics adored and a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 2002 that crowned her illustrious career. Rosemary's story was so compelling that she penned two autobiographies, sharing her journey with the world.

And let's not forget the Clooney legacy lives on through her nephew, the suave George Clooney, and her son, the talented Miguel Ferrer, both shining stars in the acting world.

So, here's to Rosemary Clooney, the girl singer who became a legend, whose voice will forever echo in the halls of music history!