• Tony Danza is an iconic American actor
  • He came to prominence in the 1970s
  • Tony has had to face criticism of a recent interview

And in his last few acting forays, he has also gone back to the theatre. Danza has found himself in some hot water with fans after a dismissive interview during an event on Broadway. A TikTok video posted by reporter Rye Myers shows the actor responding to his questions with increasing hostility at the opening night of 'New York, New York'.

Tony wasn't in the mood!

In the video we see Tony chatting with a producer when Rye approaches him for a quick interview. "Relax a little," Tony tells Rye. "You're more excited than we are. Take it easy." Rye responds by saying the event is "exciting" to him, but Tony's clearly not impressed. 

Also interesting:

"I know, I know, I know, I know. OK," he says, finally agreeing to the chat. When asked to name his "favorite New York City staple food," the actor put a hand on the reporter's face and said, "You know what you've got to do, buddy, you've got to come up with better questions." 

Watch the video above to learn more!