• Jenifer Lewis reveals she survived fall
  • And there was a lion nearby
  • During Serengeti adventure

It was supposed to be the adventure of a lifetime for Jenifer Lewis, but it turned into a night of sheer terror! The 'Black-ish' queen bee had just wrapped up her hit sitcom and was ready to conquer the world, starting with the majestic African Serengeti. But little did she know, danger lurked in the shadows of her dream getaway.

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Imagine the scene: the sun dips below the horizon, and the Serengeti plunges into darkness. Our intrepid star steps out to soak in the wild beauty from her lodge's deck, only to find herself plummeting 10 feet into a bone-chilling ravine! "Bam — I had fallen," Lewis recalls, the shock still palpable in her voice.

Lone survivor: A Queen's courage amidst the wild!

Bruised and battered, with a wild buffalo mere feet away, Lewis faced her darkest moment. "Move your body, baby," she urged herself, her indomitable spirit shining through. But with a lion's roar piercing the night, Lewis couldn't help but think of the headlines her demise would make. The drama! The irony! "The king at the queen," she quipped.


Footage of Lewis' recovery in a hospital room paints a picture of resilience. This queen was down but not out! She's since bounced back, gracing our screens on NBC's 'Night Court' and alongside J.Lo in 'This Is Me... Now.' Talk about a comeback story!

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