• Emily Ratajkowski is a celebrated American model
  • She has recently gone through a health scare
  • The model has struggled with her weight

The runway beauty has revealed that her weight has recently dropped to 45 kilos. And she has also described her health issues as "really, really scary". It's not uncommon for professional models to experience weight issues, but this time, Emily came really close to having a serious problem.

Emily Ratajkowski shares her recent problems

With such a dramatic weight loss, Emily felt the need to address it. "I think trauma lives in the body. That is my experience. When I'm really down, I lose so much weight. I was down to 100 pounds recently and it was really, really scary", Emily told the High Low podcast.

Also interesting:

Perhaps it has something to do with her personal life. Emily filed for divorce earlier this year and is currently dating comedian Pete Davidson. Although there is good news. A source recently revealed that the celebrity duo are "having a good time together". But she's not out of the woods just yet...

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