• John Legend is responding to the tragic Texas shooting
  • He called a U.S. senator "slimy" and "evil"
  • 19 students and two teachers were brutally shot on Tuesday in Uvalde, Texas

It's a tragic week for the United States, after yet another devastating school shooting. On Tuesday, just a few days after his 18th birthday, Salvador Ramos entered Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, and killed 21 people, 19 of which were children. Many celebrities have been outraged at the lack of gun control, and John Legend is no exception. 

John Legend calls for reform, slams Ted Cruz

Texas Senator Ted Cruz has been seen on the news tearful as he sends his condolences to those most affected by the senseless killing, but John Legend is put off by his words, considering Cruz is one of the NRA's biggest sponsors. 

Wow! John Legend Slams THIS U.S Senator!

On his Twitter, Legend shared a clip of Cruz blaming the shooting on the fact the doors to the elementary were unlocked, and this sent Legend into a fury. 

The gunman, who bought two assault rifles and packages of ammo legally, got the deadly weapons just after his 18th birthday, which is the legal age to purchase guns. 

Legend responded to Cruz's comments alongside the video saying, "Dear God. The idiocy. No gun reform. Just door reform from Ted Cruz."

Furthermore, another clip showed Cruz saying that what's truly needed is further arming police officers, as well as "hardening school security". Both Cruz, Donald Trump and the Texas Governor Greg Abbott were set to speak at a National Rifle Association’s annual gathering in Houston this upcoming weekend.

Also Interesting: 

Legend called Cruz's words "evil nonsense". "The answer for the NRA and its toadies like Ted is ALWAYS that we need MORE guns," he wrote alongside the video. "They’d rather 'harden' our schools than deal with the problem. We already have the most guns in the world."

He continued, "The NRA represents gun manufacturers. They need you to buy more guns. Their answer will continue to be to ratchet up the civilian arms race. So much blood is on their hands."

He then continued to mock Cruz's ideas saying, "More armed guards! Arm the teachers! Arm the librarians! Arm the school nurse! Why stop there? The 8-year-olds need weapons too. F--k the NRA."

And if that wasn't a hit enough, Legend finalized his tweets by calling Cruz a "slimy coward", and that he wasn't sure why "proud Texans" would ever want him as a Senator. Yikes!

He is just one of the many celebrities to be outspoken in regard to gun reform. Additionally, Don McLean who was set to perform at the NRA gathering this upcoming weekend has pulled out.