• Chrissy Teigen photographed at John Legend concert
  • She looks back at seeing his show for the first time
  • Teigen's celeb friends comment on the post

Chrissy Teigen continues to show her support and love for John Legend almost two decades later! In a new Instagram post, Teigen shared photos of her taken while she was at Legend's concert, along with a super sweet comment! 

Teigen says she's "still in awe of" Legend today

Teigen looks gorgeous in the new pictures of her at the concert venue during Legend's recent gig. Wearing a low-cut black top and long black blazer along with fur-trimmed denim shorts, she shows off her long tanned legs. The second picture sees Teigen beaming as she watches her husband in his element, clearly proud of him! 

The last picture sees the star looking intently at Legend on stage, captured mid-applause. In the caption for her post, the star mentioned that it's nearly been two whole decades since she first went to one of Legend's shows! She shared that she saw his concert at the Roxy "almost 17 years ago," and mentioned that she's "still in awe of him now." 

Also interesting:

Teigen also had a few celebrity friends show up in her comments! "Gorgeous," Paris Hilton said of the new pictures she shared. "We love love," Vanessa Hudgens commented, also mentioning the stylish shorts Teigen was wearing. Legend has also continuously expressed support for his wife, commending Teigen's "strength" after they lost their son back in 2020.