• Mental health has become a big conversation in sports lately
  • Serena Williams has confided in her good friend Prince Harry in the past
  • Williams believes Prince Harry to be a huge help in her competitive mental state

One of the all-time great tennis players, and an absolute sports legend, Serena Williams, has recently revealed that Prince Harry is her 'mental coach' whom she confides in to help get her in a competitive frame of mind. Their friendship was always highlighted by the media, but it looks like their affinity for one another runs quite deep!

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Serena Williams And Prince Harry Are A Bit Of A Dynamic Duo!

WOW! Serena Williams Says Prince Harry Is Her 'Mental Coach'

Mental health in tennis became a focus of conversation after rising tennis star Naomi Osaka talked about her problems on the eve of Roland Garros 2021. The Japanese said she suffered from a deep depression that affected her competitive rhythm. 

She quit the competition and the news became international headlines. Her rival on the court, Serena Williams has fought similar battles in the past herself! But she found a great help in Prince Harry, who knows a thing or two about mental health scares.

The pair have shared confidences that has brought them closer than many people were aware of, and Harry has had more than little to do with her success on the courts!

Prince Harry Has Helped Serena Williams Fight Her Battles

During a virtual event organized by the company BetterUP, where Serena was a guest of honor, the tennis star said of Harry: "Prince Harry he is my mental coach, we talk for hours every time we meet. He always solves my problems in life"

Their friendship started thanks to Prince Harry's wife, Meghan Markle, who was always a good friend and supporter of Serena Williams from way back in her acting days.

Harry, Meghan, and Serena are set to work together in many future projects involving the importance of the conversation surrounding mental health for young people. For them, the issue of promoting and normalizing the discussion around having a good mental state is one that they take very personally indeed.

For both tennis, and royal family fans, this is a match made in heaven. Let's hope we see much more of Serena and Harry working together in years to come!