• Taylor Swift is an American singer-songwriter
  • Her concerts are among the most popular in the world
  • THIS film could break many records as well

For all the "Swifties" out there, it's quite clear that you simply can't get enough Taylor Swift. Her fanbase is definitely among the most eccentric in the world. With viral videos of entire flights being booked by nothing but superfans on the way to her concert, or packed arenas that have sold multiple times, the world has fallen head-over-heels for Taylor Swift.

And now there is a new question that Hollywood will be asking. Can Taylor Swift’s newly revealed concert movie continue the momentum of the highly successful 2023 films 'Barbie' and 'Oppenheimer'? It certainly seems possible when you consider how many fans she has all over the globe.

Will Taylor break box office records? 

Well if you own a theatre, you're probably already seeing the dollar signs. Cinema owners are counting on big bucks after last week’s surprise announcement that 'Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour' concert film will hit theaters across the U.S. and Canada for several weekends, beginning in the middle of October. According to industries experts including 'The Hollywood Reporter', they believe the film could open to a record $100 million.

What are they basing their numbers on? Advance ticket sales which are already quite promising. It's no doubt Swift is a money making machine, and producers want to cash in. They are also not ruling out the movie ultimately grossing $150 million or more domestically. That's nuts!

Also interesting:

Taylor wouldn't be the first singer to release a biographical film in theatres. To date, 2011’s 'Justin Bieber: Never Say Never' holds the record for the top-grossing concert film at the domestic box office with $73 million. It also made another $26 million overseas for a global total of $99 million.

Michael Jackson’s 2009 documentary film 'This Is It' did very well too, earning $181.9 million globally. A year earlier, Disney’s 'Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus: Best of Worlds Concert Tour' broke records when opening to $31.1 million in North America and topping $70.6 million globally.

This means everyone wants a piece of the Taylor pie, and AMC Theatres has gotten the distribution rights to the film. We can look forward to Taylor's film premiering very soon. But you better get your tickets now!