• Kim Kardashian is the founder of SKIMS
  • SKIMS is a shapewear brand 
  • The company is worth $3.2 billion dollars

Kim Kardashian isn't holding back when it comes to her launch campaigns and the shapewear mogul shared on her Instagram one iconic picture!

Supermodels unite for one iconic picture

Heidi Klum, Tyra Banks, Alessandra Ambrosio, and Candace Swanepoel teamed up to give Kim Kardashian one heck of a SKIMS campaign!

Kardashian noted that she initially "wasn't supposed" to be in the shoot, but that she had to join in due to how "iconic" the photo was!

The new campaign is for the Fits Everybody line, shapewear dedicated to fitting all types of bodies!

Also Interesting:

Kardashian launched her now $3.2 billion-dollar company just a few years ago, and she's always been transparent about the reason. 

During her exclusive interview with her main product holder, Nordstrom's, Kardashian said that wearing shapewear has always "given her the confidence" to wear whatever she wants.

She also shared that before SKIMS was launched, the TV personality would layer and cut up her tights to fit her clothing. The idea was sparked when she was wearing a dress with a high slit and couldn't find the proper undergarments. 

Now, she's sold millions of her products worldwide, and being the A-lister she is, had access to some of the biggest names in the fashion industry to help launch her latest line!