• Whoopi Goldberg has gone viral
  • She disciplined a fan mid-taping
  • THIS is what went down

She's never one to back down on her views. Goldberg's firm stance on audience decorum is part of her ongoing efforts to maintain respect during the show's often controversial segments.

Whoopi had enough

The studio of 'The View' turned into a courtroom drama when Whoopi Goldberg caught an audience member red-handed, trying to film the live broadcast! "Sir, I have to stop you with the camera. Because I can see you. So do me a favor, don’t pull it out again. I’d appreciate that. Thank you," Goldberg commanded, halting co-host Sunny Hostin mid-sentence.

It's not the first time Goldberg has played the sheriff in town. From booing Republicans to silent protests, Goldberg has seen it all and won't stand for disrespect. Whether it's Kellyanne Conway or Sen. Tim Scott, Whoopi's message is clear: "You cannot boo people here, please."

While Goldberg was laying down the law, Joy Behar couldn't help but wonder, "what was he doing?" The curiosity only added fuel to the fire, as the audience and viewers at home were left on the edge of their seats.

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Back to business, the co-hosts dove into Trump's bond payment saga. Sunny Hostin deemed the reduction to $175 million "very appropriate," sparking a debate on equality and justice in the legal system.