• 'Superstar' Billy Graham was a wrestling legend 
  • He had been struggling with his health for years
  • Graham has sadly passed away

Billy's legacy in wrestling won't soon be forgotten. His real name was Eldridge Wayne Coleman, and he had been dealing with health issues for decades now. He had largely out of the public eye for that very reason. But things took a bad turn for him in February of this year and his health began to deteriorate rapidly.

Billy changed the game for many wrestlers

The news was broken by fellow wrestling icon Ric Flair, which was later confirmed by TMZ. "The Superstar Billy Graham Just Left US,” Flair tweeted. “THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR INFLUENCE on My Career!”.

Also interesting:

Unfortunately, Graham had been on life support dealing with numerous infections, organ failure, as well as diabetes and other conditions that required emergency surgery earlier this month...

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