• 2022 has been a very eventful year in pop culture
  • Many celebrity scandals grabbed international headlines this year
  • These are the juiciest scandals of 2022

Let's start with arguably the most important and noteworthy celebrity scandal of the year, given that millions of people around the globe watched it happen live: the slap heard around the world! Earlier this year, Will Smith made headlines after he slapped Chris Rock on stage as he was giving his monologue at the Oscars.

These scandals sure made the year more interesting!

How and why did this happen exactly? Rock had previously poked fun at Smith's wife Jada and her hair loss. Smith was then banned from the Oscars for ten years, but he still managed to win the coveted award for Best Actor that same evening. Since then, Smith has apologized publicly on several occasions.

Also interesting:

Kanye West has been making headlines for the past few years with controversial statements among other things. Known for being overly outspoken, he's never shy of speaking his mind whether it's politics or any other topic that comes up. But in 2022 he really outdid himself...

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