• Regina Lasko is married to David Letterman
  • They share a son named Harry together
  • This is how they overcame his cheating scandal

When you think of David Letterman's personal life, his affairs might come to mind before his actual marriage.

But Letterman's marriage to wife Regina Lasko actually survived his sex scandal in the 2000s. Lasko stood by her husband, and they're still married now all these years later.

Regina Lasko and David Letterman: The sex scandal

Regina Lasko and David Letterman have an interesting love story. They've been in each other's lives since the 1980s and had a son in 2004, but they waited to marry until 2009.

And it was just a couple months after their wedding that Letterman admitted to affairs with multiple women on his Late Show staff. He did so after a producer tried to blackmail him over the cheating.

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On The Late Show in 2009, David Letterman said his wife Regina Lasko was "horribly hurt" by the cheating. At the time, their son Harry Letterman was also just 5 years old.

How David Letterman's wife responded to his cheating

So why did Regina Lasko stand by her unfaithful husband? David Letterman's wife tends to avoid the spotlight, but the comedian himself once revealed how she responded to the incident.

In 2013, Letterman told Oprah Winfrey he "wasn't certain" if his wife would leave him or not after the scandal. Asked if he had to sleep on the couch, Letterman said he "slept in a wide variety of places" afterward.

But Regina eventually brought David back. She "forgave" her husband and stuck by him as they raised their young son. While she chose to forgive, David Letterman on the other hand told Oprah he "can't forgive that behaviour" himself.

These days, the couple is still seen out and about and with their son Harry. They've been married since 2009.