• Nicole Scherzinger shares a hot video
  • She dances in a swimsuit
  • It has quite the unique cutouts 

Even during her time as a Pussycat Dolls singer, Nicole Scherzinger (45) regularly showed off her amazing body in skimpy looks. That hasn't changed still to this day - but in a new video, she lets it all hang out.

Nicole Scherzinger dances in a hot swimsuit

Nicole shares a clip of herself and her fiancé Thom Evans (39) on Instagram. In it, the two perform some hot dance moves. They gyrate their hips in sexy swimwear to the song "Good Vibrations" by Danceteria.

While Thom shows off his toned body in swim shorts only, Nicole definitely steals the show with her look. The singer wears a black swimsuit that couldn't be any skimpier and perfectly showcases her dream body.

A deep cut-out shows a lot of cleavage and only a dangerously narrow strip of fabric covers her most intimate parts. It's almost a miracle that nothing slips with Nicole's wild movements. "There is a lot of trust in that bikini", one fan says in the comments.

Nicole Scherzinger says in her caption to the video: "Get out of your head and into the moment! Create your own good vibrations." Obviously, she seems to live by this motto herself.

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