• Avril Lavigne has a new style
  • Her top hardly covers anything
  • This drives the fans crazy

Short skirts, tights and lots of leather – that's how we actually know Avril Lavigne (37). For a new series of photos, however, she has discarded her punk style and is presenting herself in a much more elegant way. But the pictures also make it clear that elegant does not have to mean conservative. 

It doesn't get any hotter: Avril Lavigne in a tiny top

Avril Lavigne poses for the camera in a bright pink top that can hardly be called a shirt and black pants. The singer really only covers the essentials with her top – and at the same time presents her well-trained upper body. 

While her long blonde mane still serves as a privacy screen in some of the pictures, she holds her hair up in a snapshot and reveals her cleavage. Avril, who started her career about 20 years ago and who has had quite the transformation, seems to feel very comfortable in her body. 

Avril Lavigne's fans are thrilled with what they see. There are a number of heart and flame emojis in the comments. Even celebrity friends like Kourtney Kardashian can't keep their enthusiasm to themselves. 

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