• Bella Hadid shows up on the catwalk
  • The supermodel walks the runway naked
  • But then a special spray is used

Paris Fashion Week is in full swing and Bella Hadid provided a special moment.

The model walked on stage topless at the end of the Coperni fashion show on Friday. The amazing shots can be seen in the video above.

Bella Hadid gets sprayed

She stood next to a table where chemicals and two spray guns were waiting. Afterward, two men came and poured the chemicals into the cans, and began to spray the model with the white substance. Much to the amazement of the audience, this turned into fabric 

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After a few tweaks and cuts by a woman, the dress was ready and Bella Hadid walked the runway in her dress that was created before everyone's eyes. 

As reported by Vogue Business, the substance is newly developed. As soon as it comes into contact with skin, the fibers solidify. After wearing it, the process can be reversed and the solution can be reused.

Coperni co-founder Sébastien Meyer explains in an interview with Vogue Business that the product is not yet ready for the masses. "It's our duty as designers to try new things and show a possible future," he says. 

The substance is in any case an exciting innovation and a real eye-catcher on the enviable body of Bella Hadid.