• Zendaya is super sexy
  • She attends the Valentino show in Paris
  • Zendaya wears a transparent look

Zendaya proves once again that she is currently not only one of the most successful actresses, but also one of the most stylish.

As the face of the Italian brand Valentino, she of course was part of Valentino's presentation of the new collection in Paris. There she provided an iconic fashion moment with a see-through look.

Zendaya: skinless in Paris

Dressed in Valentino from head to toe, she was the star of the evening as she took everyone's breath away with an almost nude look that you can see in our video. 

Also interesting:

The transparent look was composed of a crystal studded bodysuit, small shorts, sheer stockings, and a blazer. Each piece had the famous Valentino logo printed on it. Zendaya wore a truly memorable outfit in Paris.