• Billie Eilish is unapologetically sexy
  • The singer looks good in everything
  • Now she is posting this hot pic

Billie Eilish (20) exudes a lot of sexiness with her bedroom look alone. Now the singer goes one step further and posts a hot photo shoot on Instagram. What you can't tell from her face, her gorgeous body makes up for. 

Billie Eilish is wet and serious

Billie Eilish poses soaking wet for the camera. She looks away from the lens into the distance. The outfit itself is relatively unspectacular. She is wearing a plain black sweater.

Underneath, Billie's bra, which is also black, really stands out. Her wet hair falls loosely over her shoulders. 

The scenery in which the 20-year-old is photographed appears to be very dark. In the background, you can almost see a small waterfall. So what's up with this hot picture? Billie Eilish uses it to advertise her new perfume, Eilish No. 2. 

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