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Even after nearly four decades since her iconic appearances in films like 'Rocky' and 'Red Sonja,' Brigitte Nielsen remains a captivating beauty. Renowned as a sex symbol from the early days of her career, her allure has endured the test of time, affirming her status as a timeless icon of beauty and grace.

Aging like fine wine:

Brigitte Nielson: This is how hot she looks today

Nielsen's signature short blonde hair remains an iconic feature to this day, distinguishing her as a timeless figure in the entertainment industry. Her dedication to maintaining a slim figure is evident, as she undoubtedly puts in hard work at the gym to stay in shape. With a penchant for sharing hot snapshots on Instagram and effortlessly stealing the spotlight on the red carpet, Nielsen continues to captivate audiences with her enduring beauty and undeniable charm.

This is what Brigitte Nielsen looks like today

In addition to her illustrious career, Brigitte Nielsen embraces the role of motherhood with pride. She is the mother of five children, including four grown sons and her daughter, Frida, who entered the family in 2018. Frida's father is Nielsen's fifth husband, Mattia Dessì.

Nielsen has expressed the profound joy and energy her daughter brings into her life, sharing with the 'Sunday Times' how Frida continues to invigorate her. Undoubtedly, Frida's presence contributes to keeping the actress youthful and vibrant, even at 60.

Brigitte Nielsen, who celebrated her 60th birthday in 2023, shared with 'People' magazine her appreciation for her current appearance. She credited her newfound confidence to a revamped health and exercise routine, as well as a touch of Botox for that extra boost.

Brigitte Nielsen is a firm believer in Botox

"It's like that American Express commercial from the '80s — I don't leave home without it!" she jokes about Botox. 

"I’m just really comfortable in my own skin, which I wasn’t for a long time," she explains. "It’s nice to be 60 and feel quite pleased with what you look like."

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