• Eminem pranks fans on social media
  • He announced release of new album
  • Turns out it was a joke

Eminem, the master of surprises, pulled off a hilarious prank on his fans with an Instagram Reel that got everyone buzzing! The "Without Me" rapper, 51, teased a surprise album drop, sending fans into a frenzy with fake comments demanding the release. But hold on tight, because it was all just a clever ruse!

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The teaser starts with a barrage of social media pleas like "Drop the album grandpa" and "Dear Slim drop the f---ing album," building up the anticipation. Then, bam! It switches to a Wikipedia page hinting at a 2024 album release. But wait for it... an explosion rocks the screen, revealing Eminem suited up in space gear with "Infinite" blazing across.

Just when you think it's real, the twist hits: the album cover for "even more...Infinite," a playful nod to his debut album. "Out Now" Eminem cheekily captions the post.

Fans react as Eminem pulls April fools' prank

Fans were left in stitches in the comments section, with one exclaiming, "This man can't play with my emotions like this!" Another chimed in, "Even his jokes are legendary."

And while it was all in good fun, the prankster extraordinaire has some real music in the pipeline. Dr. Dre spilled the beans on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, confirming Eminem's 12th studio album dropping "this year." So, get ready for more Em magic coming your way!

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