• Hunter Schafer makes a revelation
  • She dated singer Rosalía
  • They are still friends now

Hold onto your hats, folks, because it's official: the rumors were true! In an exclusive chat with 'GQ,' the sensational 'Euphoria' star spilled the beans about her sizzling romance with none other than the fiery Spanish songstress, Rosalía. Can you believe it?

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According to Schafer, sparks flew between the two for a scorching five months back in 2019. But here's the twist: while the flames of passion may have cooled, their bond remains as fiery as ever. "[We're] family, no matter what," Schafer declared.

Unveiling the Rosalía-Schafer romance

But wait, there's more! Fans have been buzzing with speculation ever since Rosalía dropped her hit single "Tuya" last year. Could it be inspired by their whirlwind romance? Schafer set the record straight, revealing she got the green light from Rosalía herself before spilling the tea. Talk about drama!

Despite going their separate ways romantically, Schafer and Rosalía are still thick as thieves. Paparazzi caught them out and about, sharing smoothies and shopping for furniture in LA. And while Rosalía has found love with another Hollywood heartthrob, Schafer is taking her time to heal from past heartaches before diving back into the dating pool.

So there you have it– a tale of romance, friendship, and Hollywood intrigue. Who knows what surprises await us next in the wild world of celebrity relationships? Stay tuned!

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