• For singer Britney Spears, clothing is optional
  • She shows herself naked on Instagram frequently
  • Only her dog covers the essentials in a recent post

Britney Spears (40) likes to show off her body on Instagram. The 40-year-old recently posted a series of photos where she can be seen stark naked, with one accessory. 

Her dog Sawyer, who she holds in her arms, covers her body or rather her baby bump in the pictures. Just a few weeks ago, the pop star announced that she is expecting a baby with her partner Sam Asghari.  

Britney Spears: Letting it all be free

Revealing pictures are not uncommon for Britney Spears on social media. In the comments, the singer is celebrated for her post and even titled "Queen." 

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Whether it's swimwear or a skin-tight party dress, the singer likes to show off her sexy curves to her fans. Britney definitely has a body to be proud of and one that she has worked very hard to maintain over the years.