• Britney Spears shares photo of her and Sam Asghari on holiday
  • Spears made the post in honour of Asghari's birthday
  • Asghari responds to Spears with a sweet message

Britney Spears is still head over heels in love with Sam Asghari years after their romance first began! Spears paid tribute to her fiancé on Thursday with a special Instagram post for his birthday, sharing a never-before-seen photo of the couple.

Spears's message to Asghari: "I want it all with you"

Spears and Asghari pose together in the beautiful new image, which was taken on a beach at sunset. The pop star looks gorgeous with her hair pinned up, wearing a baby blue striped dress that flatters her figure. Asghari wears light blue shorts with a white button-up shirt that's partially open. Both of them have an arm around each other, showing their casual intimacy.

"Happy Birthday to my Fiancé … I love you so much," Spears began her caption. She went on to declare just how much Asghari means to her, sharing her hopes for their future together! "I want a family with you … I want it all with you !!!!" she emphatically said. Asghari then replied to Spears' post with a touching message of his own. "Millions of things to wish for," he wrote. "I only have one wish" 

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Spears often expresses her adoration for Asghari on social media, with her fiancé doing the same. The couple shared sweet posts for Valentine's Day, honouring their relationship on a day that celebrates love. And just a few days afterwards, Spears revealed that she and Asghari have welcomed a couple of adorable new additions into their family!