• Britney Spears posted a video of her in the nude
  • Spears may have had the video removed
  • The star is known to freely show off her body

Britney Spears is heating up Instagram yet again with what might be her most revealing photos yet! On Monday, Spears shared a video of herself naked on the beach, which has since been removed and replaced by screenshots from it.

Spears is almost completely uncovered in new photos

Spears's initial video was only online for a short period of time. It's unclear if Instagram made her delete it or if she chose to take it down, but the social media platform is known to censor nudity— particularly when it comes to women's bodies. While this is not the first time Spears has posted nude photos, it's shocking to see just how freely she presents herself here! 

The star makes no effort to cover herself aside from cupping her hands with her breasts and using little diamond emojis to hide her nipples. Spears looks incredible as she stands fully nude on the beach, smiling while blue sky and the ocean create a scenic backdrop behind her. She looks so natural and free in these images, which are taken from the waist up.

Also interesting:

Spears did not share who took the hot new video of her that the photos came from, but given how intimate they are, it is likely that her fiancé Sam Asghari was behind the camera. One thing is for sure though— when it comes to her social media presence, Spears has become known to frequently show herself to fans in a sexy and surprising way!