• Charlie Sheen's hot daughter
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Wow! Sami Sheen (19) has a killer body and shows it off diligently on Instagram. The daughter of Charlie Sheen (58) and Denise Richards (52) particularly enjoys posing in a bikini and even steals the show from the sunset.

Her famous father:

Charlie Sheen's daughter: She poses in skimpy bikinis

Sami Sheen attracts everyone's attention on the beach in Malibu against a dreamlike ocean backdrop. In a floral bandeau bikini with frills at the bottom, the blonde transforms into a sizzling bathing mermaid.

Her damp hair gracefully falls on her tanned arms and beautiful cleavage, leaving just enough to the imagination. In other picture, Sami seductively smiles at the camera, with her toned abs stealing the spotlight alongside that captivating grin.

But it's not just her smile that commands attention; she crisp backside is also a showstopper in the floral two-piece. Sami Sheen skillfully accentuates her assets, and in vacation pictures from Honolulu, her bottom takes center stage despite the absence of a bikini top.

In the serene setting of a rocky beach, the 19-year-old opted to unwind topless in front of a tree. Adorned solely in patterned bikini bottoms, Sami presents an alluring silhouette, with her tanned back and toned bottom creating a truly breathtaking sight.

Hot news:

This Honolulu snapshot isn't the only one turning up the heat. Sami strikes a pose in front of a waterfall, donning a pink bikini that accentuates the slim figure of Charlie Sheen's daughter.

As the blonde sensually runs her fingers through her hair, she gazes dreamily past the camera, momentarily eclipsing the dreamlike Hawaiian backdrop. Sami Sheen's alluring Instagram pic is sure to leave everyone speechless.