• Is Meghan Markle looking for a new career?
  • Many fans believe she will become a full-time producer
  • THIS is why people are buzzing

Ever since the couple moved to America, their every move has been scrutinized and the speculation machine carries on. Well, guess what? Meghan's got her sights set on a producing crown these days! Could she be the next big thing in Hollywood?

Power moves at the Power of Women event

At the recent 2023 Variety Power of Women event, Meghan was the talk of the town! Spotted deep in conversation with Hollywood heavyweights Janet Yang (current Oscars boss) and Pearlena Igbokwe (big shot at Universal Studio Group), insiders are buzzing with one question: Is Meghan gearing up to be the next producing powerhouse?

On the red carpet, Meghan teased the press with a juicy tidbit, "We have so many exciting things on the slate. I can’t wait until we can announce them, but I’m just really proud of what we’re creating." Oh, the suspense! It's clear she's got big plans brewing, and we can't wait for the big reveal!

She and Harry have already had their taste of producing for both Spotify and Netflix. And she does have insider experience from her past.

Once a Hollywood darling, Meghan's no stranger to the spotlight. Andrew Morton's book, 'Meghan: A Hollywood Princess,' spills the tea on her rise from 'The Valley' to 'Suits' fame, and now to her royal chapter. But it's her next act in the producer's chair that's got everyone talking!

There is an old saying in Hollywood that you are only as good as your last hit. So when Meghan Markle made a triumphant return to the red carpet last week at the prestigious Power Of Women gala, alongside big stars like Margot Robbie, and Leo DiCaprio, the significance was lost on no one.

It has been nearly a year since the Sussexes' company, Archewell Productions, released the controversial six-part series, 'Harry & Meghan', on Netflix. Although they had success, it wasn't what was expected originally. Now, perhaps it's time to switch gears in their creative vision. 

Also interesting:

Since that show, Archewell has struggled to find a follow-up hit. A series about world leaders, 'Live To Lead', was a ratings flop. A show about Harry's 'passion project', the Invictus Games named 'Heart Of Invictus' was deemed 'worthy but dull' by critics. And Meghan's children's cartoon series 'Pearl' was cancelled.

Following that, the couple's $20 million podcast deal with Spotify was canned ingloriously, with one executive branding the couple 'grifters'.

All of that in mind, it's unclear whether they industry will accept two "outsiders" looking to make their way in Tinsel Town. Let's wait and see what the couple's next big announcement will be.