• Fran Drescher posts an incredible throwback
  • There are 24 years between the photos
  • Here's what The Nanny fans have to say

Short skirts, high teased hair, a shrill "Mr. Sheffield!" and everyone immediately knows: Here comes Fran Drescher a.k.a. "Fran Fine." In the 1990s, the actress wowed viewers with her hit sitcom The Nanny.

The Nanny: Fran Drescher shares an incredible photo

The Nanny star Fran Drescher is now surprising fans with an incredible throwback. On her Instagram page, the 64-year-old posts a collage that shows her in 1998 and in 2022.

Is there really 24 years between the two photos!? Hard to believe, because Fran Drescher still looks just as great today as he did back then.

Fran Drescher still looks fantastic today

You have to look closely to distinguish today's Fran Drescher from the Fran of the late '90s. Wrinkles or grey hair? None!

Also interesting:

Fran Drescher could easily slip into her old role as "Miss Fine" today, she has changed so little. The pretty 64-year-old now only does without the highly teased hairstyle.

The Nanny actress is definitely not one of the retro TV stars who look very different today. We're already looking forward to new fantastic pictures from Fran Drescher.