• Emily Ratajkowski posts new pictures from a shoot
  • She shows off more than some bargain for
  • The model is completely naked

It has long been no secret that Emily Ratajkowski (31) likes to present herself very freely on social media, often wearing the bare minimum. 

Emily Ratajkowski - How God Made Her

Supermodel Emily Ratajkowski published pictures of a recent photoshoot on Instagram - and they're quite revealing. The brunette appeared in a Versace shoot, and is stark naked. Her breasts are only covered with her hands.

Everything else is visible. Among other things, her toned backside is proudly staged. Unlike other stars who wear long hair on nude shoots to cover up as much as possible, Emily sports a cheeky short hairstyle. 

With her short bob, she leaves more room for bare skin. In the next pictures, the model is wearing more fabric but insists on showing off her breasts. 

Emily Ratajkowski's pictures are almost too sexy.

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