• Fran Drescher is incredibly sexy
  • Even at 65 she has not lost her youthful freshness
  • "The Nanny" actress looks so hot

Hard to believe that Fran Drescher (65) is over 60. The Nanny star has mastered the art of looking youthful.

Fran Drescher very sexy with décolleté

Fran Drescher doesn't mind showing off her looks. The beautiful actress also likes to show what she's got in more modest outfits. On Instagram, she posts a picture of herself in a green and red rose blouse.

One thing, in particular, catches the eye: her plunging neckline. The beautiful brunette shows her décolleté and decorates it with a large green chain, a delicate gold chain, and a choker.

Fran Drescher's brown hair is gorgeous and emphasizes her full lips with red lipstick. What a look!

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