What an incredible look by Heidi Klum (48)! The supermodel shows herself again and again in unusual and, above all, super revealing outfits. Most recently, Heidi shares a picture on Instagram where she poses in a sexy leather look.

Heidi Klum Struts In Sexy Leather Look

While Heidi Klum's arms and chest are covered by lots of black fabric, the rest of her outfit shows a lot of skin. The individual pieces of fabric are only held together by thin strings and her black panties are clearly visible underneath.

Can we even still call this a dress?! In true Heidi fashion, she also puts her figure on perfect display with this look.

To round off the outfit, the model adds black fishnet tights and big circle earrings. Heidi's blonde hair is loose and curled... it really doesn't get much hotter! But what did Heidi dress up for so much?

It's a look for Heidi's new music video! The blonde has now gotten into the music scene and released a new single "Chai Tea with Heidi", in collaboration with American rapper Snoop Dogg (50). After her Christmas song "Wonderland", it is now Heidi Klum's second single.