• Camila Mendes shines in daring transparent dress
  • For her new stunning photo shoot
  • She flaunts her underboob tattoo
On the 'Vogue' Mexico cover, Mendes takes boldness to new heights, going braless beneath a sheer dress that leaves little to the imagination, yet she does so with grace, her hands strategically placed for modesty.

Sexy ladies:

Camila Mendes: In a sheer dress and metal butterfly bra

Peeking through is a tattoo that whispers tales of home, adding a personal touch to her ethereal look. The dress itself is a masterpiece, with embroidered flowers adorning the lower half, paired with full-coverage panties. Her beauty look? Ethereal, with hair swept back and makeup that screams sun-kissed goddess. But wait, there's more! Mendes also unveiled the Latin America version of the cover, where she rocks a striking gold metal butterfly bra, paired with low-rise, light-wash jeans. A playful yellow flower dangles from her lips, completing this bold, yet whimsical look. "Baby’s first vogue @voguemexico cover shot by the legend @zoeygrossman. ahh i’m simply over the moooon!! my year of gold metal bras!!" Mendes shared, unable to contain her excitement.

A nod to her roots

Born in Charlottesville, Virginia, with Brazilian heritage, Mendes' journey took her from Brazil to Atlanta, eventually settling in Miami for her formative years. This blend of cultures not only shapes her unique perspective but also shines through in her daring fashion choices and career moves.

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