• Riverdale is a successful Netflix hit
  • Ashleigh Murray, who plays "Josie", has landed a new role
  • She will appear in this series

For some stars, the series Riverdale is a stepping stone to a great acting career. Lili Reinhart (25), for example, already proved in Hustlers and Our Lost Hearts that she can play more than the role of "Betty Cooper".

Her co-star Ashleigh Murray (34) already showed her talent as "Josie" in Riverdale and acted in the same role in the series Katy Keene. Now the 34-year-old is part of a new series.

Riverdale star Ashleigh Murray stars in a new series

In the show Tom Swift, Ashleigh Murray plays "Zenzi Fullerton," who is "efficient and effervescent but nobody’s fool," according to Deadline. The series is a spin-off of Nancy Drew and focuses on the title character, "Tom Swift" (played by Tian Richards) who is a black, gay billionaire inventor.

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After his father's disappearance, he finds himself in a world of science fiction conspiracies and inexplicable phenomena. Ashleigh Murray plays "Tom's" best friend. The release date of the new series has not yet been announced. 

Ashleigh didn't make a comeback on Riverdale until Season 5 when she returned to the small town with the former high school band Josie and the Pussycats. New episodes of the sixth season of Riverdale are expected to air on March 20th.